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Thank You Hyundai and the Mariners! Having received $1,000 from Hyundai following our Goals for Grassroots submission, the Mighty Marines scored 2 goals against Melbourne Heart that were worth another $1,000 each to the Mighty Rams. How good was that! Thanks again Hyundai, Danny and Dukey! Well done too to our fabulous Ram’s ambassadors Daniel, Patrick, Annika, Sarah, Alex and Jonah! Check out the Hyundai Goals for Grassroots Facebook page here.
How lucky were we! On grand final eve, the A-League Golden Boot, Grand Final Player of the Match and all round superstar Mariner Danny McBreen paid a visit to RAMS HQ last Thursday night. He handed out loads of drink bottles, signed heaps of autographs and had a chat to the players about the dangers of illicit drugs. He then went on to win the grand final. We must have given him some inspiration! Well, we’d like to think so anyway. :-)
The Mariner’s have won the ‘toilet seat’ and aren’t we happy about that! Everyone will want to have a look and get a photo. A couple of junior Rams, Angus and Cam got in early and have already had a special photo taken to treasure for ever.
At the Mariner’s awards night Joe Avvenevole was delighted to have a photo opportunity with Daniel McBreen, our very own David Booth from Booth’s Motor Group and ‘that’ magnificent trophy. Great work boys.
 We’d like to thank the terrific sponsors that enabled us to purchase the shirts. You will see their logos on every shirt so please remember who they are and support them whenever you can.
Not all the action was at Rams HQ last Sunday. Our 12As were busily winning the major prize at the Kariong Gala Day and our U9s, with some help from new Mariner Flores,  won the Gosford Gala day.  Well done everyone!
Support My Ride to Conquer Cancer™ (Col Ryan) If you’d like to contribute please visit the website, click on donate and type in Col Ryan. Participant No: 871837-8
The    new    car    on    offer    from Booths   Motor   Group   for   a   hole in   one   didn’t   go   off   but   in   all other   regards   it   was   a   hugely     successful day. Central    Coast    Mariners    stars Josh   Rose   and   Mikey   McGlinchey joined   us   and   showed   they   can hit a ball as well as kick one. The   chilly   start   turned   into   a
To    say    the    committee    were    stunned    by    the amount   of   interest   in   our   reunion   day   would be a huge understatement. We   took   the   opportunity   to   show   off   our   newly renovated    clubhouse    and    everyone    one    was very impressed with what we’ve done. It was a delightful day with members past and present, young and old and many others dropping in to have a look with several finding a photograph of themselves or some memorabilia that revived memories and brought many happy smiles to faces. The reminiscing went on all day, all 3 grades had wins in front of a bumper crowd and the day was an enormous success. Many were insisting it should be an annual event and we agree so watch this space.
We have already secured the minor premiership in a few grades so far and it is very exciting indeed. Well done to the M35Cs and MAA10s. The MAA6s below is another success story. Congratulations boys!
Two   young   Rams   (Nathan   and   Callum)   who   have served   their   club   with   distinction   were   selected to    participate    in    a    clinic    run    by    Manchester United at Pluim Park on Monday. With    Fred    the    Red    keeping    a    close    eye    on proceedings,   representatives   from   all   23   clubs enjoyed   a   morning   with   the   superstars.   And   yes, the   guy   with   the   trophy   is   employed   by   Man   U just to look after it when they take it on tour!
beautiful     winter’s     day     and some   pretty   good   golf   was   on display   (along   with   some   dodgy scoring we think) The    eventual    winners    on    the day    were    Team    Cowell    who cleaned     up.     Congratulations boys,   we   trust   you’ll   be   back next year to defend your title!
Many thanks to all of our tremendous sponsors. Booths Motor Group | Seaman Concrete | ITP Tax Professionals | Compubatch Systems East Gosford Pharmacy | Brand Knew | Oakdale Group | RAMS Home Loans | Erina Leagues Club Long Jetty Pharmacy
Congratulations to our 2013 Clubhouse Fund Raising Raffle winners. 1st Prize: $1,000.00 M. McCall 2nd Prize: $500.00 W. Bendeich 3rd Prize: $250.00 D. Cruickshank 4th Prize: $250.00 B. Smith 5th Prize: $250.00 Men’s Over 45s Trip Away 6th Prize: $250.00 J. Turner
The Rams are please to support awareness campaigns for several causes, particularly those that are cancer related. You may have noticed a lot of pink socks being worn by our senior women’s teams lately. It is all about raising awareness of Breast Cancer, Lymphoma and others. We’ll bring you some photos, news stories and an update on our Kate very soon.
What a great day we had. Piccolo’s Parties did a great job and put lots of smiles on lots of faces. Please send in any photos you’d like to share.
Kate McCartin 3.12.13
The Rams lost one of our own today. Kate’s amazing spirit, strength and determination saw her battle cancer for over 12 months. She certainly left her mark on this world in her 18 years and will be greatly missed. Our hearts are with her family and friends. Rest easy Kate. 
We offer our sincere congratulations to all of our major award recipients. We enjoyed tremendous success in 2013 and we look forward to 2014 with great anticipation. We’d like to thank our outgoing coaches Marjo,  Darren and Glynn very very much for the contribution you’ve made to the mighty Rams.
Club Person of the Year. The Meyer Family
Life Member Nugget
Men’s Player of the Year Binny
Women’s Player of the Year Toombsie
Two of our young Rams, Riley and Madeline were invited to participate in a Football NSW promotional event at Bluetongue Stadium this week. In addition to helping out with FNSW, they also met up with our Matty for a photo opportunity. Great stuff kids.
The Rams are thrilled to announce that our very own Mariner Matty Simon has accepted our invitation to be our club patron. This is in addition to being our Mariner’s club ambassador. Matty is very proud to have been a Ram and promotes our club whever the opportunity arises. We’re very proud of him too!
History was made this week when our M45s scored their first ever goal! Thanks Slotty! Happy Days! A win is our next goal.
How good did our terrific Mariners’ Mascots look! Unfortunately we had to march out with Wellington Phoenix who gave us a football lesson but never mind. Congratulations and well done to Cooper, Nathaniel, William, Lachlan, Eva, Kayla, Alex, Joel, Adam, Noah and Zoe.
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