2012 Gallery
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Congratulations to our major award winners. Life Member The Rams are delighted to anoint their latest Life Member, Graham Schmidt. Graham has been playing for the club for 30 plus years and served on the executive committee twice in that time and is our current Treasurer. Congratulations and thank you Graham. Club Persons of the Year Huge thanks and well done indeed to Martin ‘Slotty’ Vanderslot and Phil Meyer.
Women’s Rookie of the Year Sarah Raynell
Men’s Rookie of the Year Luke Gunn
Overall Female and Male Players of the Year Making tremendous contributions to our club and fantastic ambassadors too are Kirsty Wright and Daniel ‘Booney’ McBrien
Our   Resident   Roving   Ram   is   spreading   the   word   about   our terrific   club   far   and   wide   and   we   have   the   evidence   to prove it! Hot    on    the    heels    of    a    flying    visit    to    the    olympics,    our intrepid   Ram   popped   in   to   check   out   Northhampton’s   digs. Stay tuned to see where he will pop up next!
Our Ram visits Edgbaston for a spot of cricket. How is he!
Barnsley is next on our Ram’s itinerary. Where to next?
Central Coast Football club of the year 2010 and 2014
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